Bathtub and Beverages

When ordering with the new system, download the sheet which you'll find by clicking on 'Order Bathtub' as an excel file and edit it on your own computer. ONLY edit the blue fields.

When you're done, please send the filled sheet as an Excel-compatible formatted file to [email protected]. Put "Order for [trip name]" in the subject field. Feel free to write in Danish if you wish.

Please name the file as [trip name]. Please make sure to attach the file directly to the email itself, and not a shared link to a Google Drive. We do not have access to SharePoint sharing either.

Write in the email if you need assistance to pick up the bathtub. Otherwise, it will be assumed that your KABS will help with pick-up and drop-off.

If you have not received an invoice within 10 business days after the bathtub is returned, you will not be charged for the order.

If you have trouble with the bathtub, contact Ea on phone no. 21783066, or Gustav on phone no. 52119477.

Make sure to order the bathtub two weeks before it's needed at the latest, such that it is packed in due time.