What does it actually do for me?

As a vector you will get to take responsibility of, and to make your mark on, various projects for the study start and your rus trip. The experiences you make by planning a rus trip, intro-trip and intro-day and so forth, will be applicable to your future career. On the rus trip there are various responsibilities that has to be taken care of, such as budgeting, scheduling, taking care of materials and more, that, as a vector, will present you with the possibility of more responsibility.

As a vector you will receive education in various speaking techniques, conflict management and other various people-oriented abilities. These are all part of building a strong foundation and to help you be accommodating to the needs of the russes. Furthermore, as a vector, you will acquire a deeper insight in the structure of PF, the board and the various clubs and the like, that will offer a good start of the russes.

As a vector you will build a broad network at DTU and in PF. A unique network, that can be relevant in the future during social and professional projects and the like.