International trip

PF and KABS do everything to include everyone, even if you are not necessarily Danish-speaking and start at the international study General Engineering (GE). That is why PF provides the opportunity to come on a international trip. The so called Mixed Trip. On both trips, the organizers (KABS, vectors, cabin bums), speak English and Danish and participants are encouraged to do the same as it greatly helps the fellowship on the trip.

Mixed trip

The Mixtrip is the classical 4-day cabin rustrip – the only difference being the language as it is in English. It is a rustrip made up of russes from GE (General Engineering) and russes from other study programs, who also want to go on the international trips. This is an attempt to mix more people with different backgrounds and allow non-Danish-speaking russes to meet russes from other studies at DTU and vice versa. Danish vectors will get the chance of sharing Danish culture as well as learning about foreign cultures and how to handle a big group of people with different backgrounds. The size of these trips is between 7 and 10 vectors and include vectors from all study lines at DTU – and definitely some from GE. It is not a requirement to be fluent in English to be a mixtrip vector.