International trip

PF and KABS do everything to include everyone, even if you are not necessarily Danish-speaking and start at the international study General Engineering (GE). That is why PF provides the opportunity to come to two different kinds of international trips. The two trips are GE's own trip and the so called Mixed Trip. On both trips, the organizers (KABS, vectors, cabin bums), speak only English and participants are encouraged to do the same as it greatly helps the fellowship on the trip.

The General Engineering trip

GE's trip was originally the only international trip. When the study line was created it was necessary to create a trip for them. Due to the international aspect that was introduced so they got their own trip. The trip is in the category of large trips with 90-100 participants including organizers. There are approximatly 15 vectors and 6-7 cabin bums. As a vector for the GE trip you are also a vector for GE.

Mixed trip

The first mixed trip held was in 2019 as test. The mixed trip serves as a mix of GE's own trip and the interdisciplinary trips that are also held. That is, a rus trip made up of russes from GE and russes from other studies who also want to go on one off the international trips. This is an attempt to mix more people with different backgrounds and allow non-Danish-speaking russes to meet russes from other studies at DTU and vice versa. The size of these trips is less determined at present and therefire the number of vectors and cabin bums cannot be specified. These trips include vectors from GE and vectors from other studies to create a mix of people. These vectors from GE are also vectors for GE but wont be going on GE's own trip.