Time spent on being a vector

It takes time to be a vector. Some periods are more demanding than others. As a minimum, you should count on one evening meeting per week and a bigger effort to make a costume for OPtur, as well as by the end of the summer break. The last week in August is the rus trip, which is preceded by a preparation trip, that each group has to plan.

If you apply as a vector, there will be an interview with the KABS that is responsible for the study programme you applied for.

The vector work is very flexible except for the preparation trips. This work includes the planning of various social events, keeping a budget internally or externally and to make sure your russes are satisfied. However, there are some dates, that requires participation to be a vector:

The time and effort that is put into the vector work can’t be measured against the friendship and the personal experience that is gained during the vector period.