Time spent on being a vector

Being a vector takes some time, and some periods will be more time consuming than others.

If you apply as a vector, there will be an interview with the KABS that is responsible for the study programme you applied for.

If you are interested in being a vector, there will be an employment interview with the KABS responsible for the studyline you’ve applied to. You have to count on having one meeting a week, and some effort in costume sewing for OPtur on Easter break. In August is the rustrip, and before then a preparation trip, which you plan yourself with the rest of your vector teams.


  • Application deadline (10th of February 12:59 pm)
  • Vector-interviews (13th-15th of February)
  • The first vector-meeting (16th of February after 05:00 pm)
  • The first education day (19th of March)
  • OpTur (31st of March - 4th of April)
  • First aid course (3rd, 4th, 10th or 11th of June)
  • The second education day (16th of April)
  • Welcome Day (18th of August)
  • Rustrip (18th-25th of August)
  • The time and work put into the vector job can't be measured against the connections, the personal experiences and the knowledge you gain during your vector period. And besides, it's just great fun.