KABS stands for Koordinator af Bachelor Studiestarten (Coordinator of the Bachelor Study Start). There are a total of 30 KABS, that each have their study programme and rus trip, three of which are weekendtrips, with one of these being alcohol-free.

To get in touch with KABS, you are always welcome to contact us on our mail: [email protected]


  • Elisa Marie Martiny - BSc. Biotechnology
  • Sofie Bøwig Rasmussen - BSc. Civil Engineering
  • Cecilie Marie Truelsen - BSc. Architectural Engineering
  • Bao Ngoc Vu - BSc. Sustainable Energy Design, BEng. Chemical and Bio Engineering & BEng. Chemical Engineering
  • Jakob Johannes Høyer Madsen - BSc. Design and Innovation
  • Jakob Malte Skou Lindstad - BSc. Electrical Engineering & Bsc. Network Technology and IT
  • Andreas Baltzer Skov - BSc. Physics and Nanotechnology
  • Victor Smith de Vasconcellos Roslyng-Jensen - BSc. General Engineering
  • Sofus Albert Høgsbro Rose - BSc. General Engineering
  • Benjamin Büll Elsholm - BSc. Earth and Space Physics and Engineering
  • Nanna Mortensen - BSc. Chemistry and Technology
  • Niels Kjær Ersbøll - BSc. Artificial Intelligence and Data
  • Elisabeth Marie Heegaard - BSc. Mathematics and Technology
  • Frederik Peetz-Schou Larsen - BSc. Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling & BSc. Biomedical Engineering
  • Julie Munck Bertelsen - BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  • Peter Riis Christiansen - BSc. Software Technology
  • Nanna Søtang Steenberg Olsen - BSc. Strategical Analysis and Systems Design
  • Helene Vingborg Toft - BSc. Human Life Science Engineering
  • Mei Stagaard Therkelsen - BSc. Environmental Engineering
  • Kamilla Bøgeskov Rasmussen - BEng. Civil Engineering, BEng. Arctic Technology & BEng. Fishing technology
  • Christian Broberg Christensen - BEng. Architectural Engineering
  • Rikke Brauer Clemmensen - BEng. Global Business Engineering
  • Bjarke Nilsson - BEng. Electrical Engineering & BEng. Electrical Energy Technology
  • Karoline Broskov Skytthe - BEng. Food Safety and Quality
  • Thøger Kappel - BEng. Process and Innovation & BEng. Manufacturing and Management
  • Mads Hyre-Jensen - BEng. Chemical and Bio Engineering & BEng. Chemical Engineering and International Business
  • Tim Kaastrup Hammer - BEng. Mechanical Engineering
  • Signe Bonde Tronsen - BEng. Mobility Transport and Logistics
  • Tanja Sølvsten - BEng. Software Technology
  • Frederik Lenk - BEng. IT and Economics
  • Christoffer Binzer Bjørner - BEng. Healthcare Technology & BEng. IT Electronics