KABS stands for Koordinator af Bachelor Studiestarten (Coordinator of the Bachelor Study Start). There are a total of 31 KABS, that each have their study programme and rus trip, three of which are weekendtrips, with one of these being alcohol-free. Along with this we also have Mix-Trips, which are rus trips on which english is spoken, as well as rus trips and one day trips on campus.

To get in touch with KABS, you are always welcome to contact us on our mail: [email protected]


  • Adar Alan Benli - C. Biomedical Engineering
  • Alan Yang - C. Data Science and Management
  • Annemarie Louw-Pedersen - C. Mechanical Engineering (P&K)
  • August Weijers - C. General Engineering
  • Emil Hovgaard Wrona Olsen - C. Artificial Intelligence and Data
  • Emil Nymark Trangeled - D. Software Technology
  • Henrik Gjerding Hynkemejer - C. Earth and Space Physics and Engineering
  • Ida Cecilie Hoielt - C. Design of Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Isabella Hochstenbach Fink-Jensen - C. Chemistry and Technology
  • Jacob Hagen Pedersen - D. Food Safety and Quality
  • Jean-Victor Leif Joseph Bendixen-Fernex de Mongex - C. Physics and Nanotechnology
  • Jonas Bøttzauw Pedersen - C. Software Technology
  • Jonas Matthiesen - D. Electronic technology & D. Electronic Energytechnology
  • Jonathan Schmidt Højlev - C. Architectural Engineering
  • Liv Didi Pedersen - D. Promo
  • Michail Philip Harmandjiev (Mimo) - C. General Engineering
  • Mike Linde - D. Promo
  • Monica Diaz Hansen - C. Life Science & Technology
  • Nick Sommer - C. Life Science & Technology
  • Oliver Koch - D. Civil Engineering
  • Oliver Springborg - C. Civil Engineering
  • Otto Westy Rasmussen - C. Environmental Engineering
  • Pernille Christie - C. Mathematics and Technology
  • Pernille Diana Vinding Jönsson - D. Architectural Engineering
  • Rasmus Holm Høyrup - D. Chemical and Bio Engineering and D. Chemical Engineering and International Business
  • Rasmus Sigurd Sundin - D. IT and Economy
  • Signe Staun - D. Healthcare Technology & IT-Electonic (SUIT)
  • Silas Lasak Hedeboe - D. Mechanical Engineering
  • Tobias Lopez Sejersen Christensen - D. Global Business Engineering
  • William Sommer - C. Design & Innovation
  • Xandra Huryn - C. Cyber teknologi og C. Elektroteknologi