KABS stands for Koordinator af Bachelor Studiestarten (Coordinator of the bachelor study start). There are 32 KABS. Every KABS has one or more study lines which they are KABS for. All KABS are also responsible for a rustrip, and the two largest trips have two collaborating KABS.There is a total of 30 rustrips, of which 2 are weekend trips, one is a campus trip, and three are one-day trips.

To get in touch with KABS, you are always welcome to contact us on our mail at [email protected]


  • Anders Strøbæk - B.Sc. Electrical Engineering & B.Sc. Cybertechnology
  • Anna Hjort Danielsen - B.Sc. General Engineering
  • Anna Weilsby - B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering
  • August Johannsen - B.Sc. Chemistry & Technology & B.Sc. Technology
  • Benedicte M. E. Jensen - B.Eng. Healthcare Technology & B.Eng. Computer Engineering
  • Ea Quie Landgreen - B.Eng. Food Safety and Quality
  • Emilie Rønbøg - B.Sc. Architectural Engineering
  • Eske Haack - B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Data
  • Frederik Jørgensen - B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • Gustav Heron Melhus - B.Sc. Design of Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Hannah Leah Herlev Hvid - B.Eng. Global Business Engineering
  • Helene Moesgaard - B.Sc. Software Technology
  • Joakim Vestergaard Rasmussen - B.Eng. Electrical Engineering & B.Eng. Electrical Energy Technology
  • Johan Rosenkrands - B.Eng. Civil Engineering
  • Jonas Bennich - B.Eng. Process and Innovation
  • Josefine Wibom - B.Sc. Civil Engineering
  • Lachlan Houston - B.Sc. Mathematics and Technology
  • Laurits Jürs Hahn - B.Eng. Mobility, Transport and Logistics & B.Eng. Manufacturing and Management
  • Liam Barbosa - B.Sc. Environmental Engineering
  • Mads Kofod Egestad - B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
  • Magnus Hilarious Ohlin Jepsen - B.Sc. Life Science Engineering
  • Malou Liv Enevoldsen - B.Eng. Chemical and Bio Engineering & B.Eng. Chemical Engineering and International Business
  • Marika Norby - B.Sc. Data Science and Management
  • Marilouise J. Arbøl - B.Sc. Computer Engineering
  • Niels Boelt Mortensen - B.Sc. Earth and Space Physics and Engineering
  • Oliver Sellberg - B.Eng. Software Technology
  • Sarah Ranzow - B.Eng. Arctic Civil Engineering & B.Eng. Fisheries of Engineering
  • Sophie Plougmand - B.Sc. Design & Innovation
  • Theis Harbers Rix - B.Eng. Civil Engineering
  • Thomas Nielsen - B.Eng. IT and Economics
  • Thor Deibert - B.Sc. Engineering Physics
  • Tobias Bæk - B.Eng. Architectural Engineering