Do you want to be part of the study start?

As a vector, you will be part of two teams: a studyline team and a cross team. The studyline team consists of vectors that are a vector for the same studyline as you, while the cross team consists of vectors from different studyline teams. These teams are the ones you will be working with throughout your vector period. On the cross team, you are responsible for planning and holding a rustrip. On the studyline team, you are responsible for planning the Welcome Day for the new students on the same studyline, as well as other social and study line-related events, such as study cafés, cinema trips etc. - you decide this together as a vector team.

Your first official task as a vector will be to receive the newly started students on the Welcome Day. It is on this day that the new students meet their classmates for the first time, just like you are introduced to your team of russes that you will follow throughout the first semester - your cake team. It is also on this day that the new students are introduced to their studies, to the campus, and generally get their first impression of DTU.

To become a vector, you must be a member of PF. If you are not yet a member of PF, you can register at the PF secretariat, or at